A pool or a masseur?

If you do not know what it is, then read on and we will dedicate you a little more detail. Does it actually offer us the hot tubs of Ostrava, but also Prague? And what does it really look like and what does it all do? Imagine just such a large luxury bath and in it the sea beautifully warm water. And the water just doesn't dress your body and it won't heat your sore spine. The water will make the spine (and not just the same one) even more, cut, relax, relaxes. That's it, huh?
Swimming pool or bathtub?
Depending on the design of the various models, it is sometimes more of a large tub, other than smaller pools. You can buy models for two people, but also a large version, designed for example for eight blissfully in the water of the teahouses and relaxing persons. It really depends on your needs and the willingness you are able to invest in your health.