Other pros?

What pros can have the use of new revolutionary PR articles in relation to a service called keyword analysis? Great and I will reveal them to you because you need to think that SEO is not just a simple matter. When you use new revolutionary PR articles, the pros include a largely high effect on Google and the list, and there is no problem with duplication, as with classic PR articles. In addition, this service is much cheaper than other competing similar offers, and of course the biggest advantage of this service is that it is always written on one expression.
Better positions?
This guarantees a clearly better position in the search engine, which of course we all strive to achieve with this method. So if you want to improve your position, please send the selected companies a list of keywords where you want to improve your position on the search engines on the list and Google. Then the authors of the articles will write different variants of PR articles. In one of the articles it is possible to give a link. Then the PR articles are published to the sites whose list is sent to you. Quite simple and exceptional helpful service, right?