Demand and offer

If you're looking for a great place to shop for high-quality and convenient things, we'll certainly be a wonderful place for you for free. In addition to great and advantageous purchases, you can also sell all things that are no longer suitable for you at home or that you simply do not use. It's easy to fix, so you can buy, sell and earn money.
Lots of categories
Our great and profitable advertising is really suitable for everyone. There are a lot of different categories in which you can shop. Whether you're looking for furniture, mobile phones, electronics, clothing or even books or sports equipment. Whatever you have in the viewfinder, do not forget to try our website, de you probably find what you want.

Platforms suitable for solid substrates

High lifting height

If you need a fork lift for your work and you know, specifically, what kind of type would suit you most, please contact our company, which can meet you with this special equipment.

Passenger Car Connection

Our forklifts have a wide range of applications for outdoor work as well as for work in buildings. You can rent them or buy them, you just need to enter the necessary inquiry on our Internet link and we will contact you and arrange the necessary date of your order. We will bring you the equipment where you need it.

No problem for us.

Contact our company regarding your demand for the forklift platform. Do it right away, just enter the necessary Internet link and put your request. Everything else depends on the agreement between US and you. It's simple, isn't it?

Easy transport of the perfect advertising flag

Do you want to put your logo and important information on a large advertising area that you can easily fold into any car? Look no further and rely on us. With our wonderful advertising flags you will get a unique promotion, which you choose both the shape and size and its base. But above all we will provide you with quality materials in the form of aluminum and polyester, as well as small transport dimensions, which make up only approx. 129 cm.
Take advantage of a wide selection of dimensions and shapes
Your customers must not only notice you, but also remember you. With a wide selection of shapes, sizes and cross, plate, rubber and eco bases with a combination of sublimation printing, it is guaranteed to be captivate. As the flag will look like, it will ultimately be the same only to you.


It was her tradition. Every afternoon of the summer holiday, if she was at home, stood up at half-sixth in the morning, so that the South Terrace still did not fall off the shade, which had the awning to create. She loved it when she was able to make summer days even longer and to enjoy more fun during the summer holidays. She loved just how she was able to make the right use of every second of the summer vacations to something else. She loved everything the hot months offered her.
Split Day
With my friends spent the afternoon, with family evenings, but the wound, she belonged to her only. She wondered, sometimes she read, sometimes played games on mobile, but sometimes she wrote short stories as well as her mom. She said she shouldn't have read her stories because she's still young, but she seldom listened to her mother.


Are you a lover of Volkswagen automobile brand? Is this the heart of your first car? Since then, it has changed a lot. Your first car was used, in a catastroteenth state, but mainly that it was your favorite brand. Now you have a good job and also better financial possibilities. That's why our CAR POINT Karlovy Vary is here for you, which brings you this favourite brand.
Where are we located?
You can find us in Chebská Street in Karlovy Vary. The exact address is, of course, listed on our website, where you can also see our complete team. You will find all important contacts, such as telephones, faxes and email addresses, as well as our opening hours. Also on our site you will find a map, according to which our salon is easy to find.

The outfits that are fefful!

Getting quality baby clothes can be a problem nowadays. In particular, it is produced with various original prints and texts. If you like this style of clothes for your baby, check out our online store where we offer such clothes.

Whether you have a little girl or a baby boy, each of them needs quality baby clothes. You can afford it to them-and so to please yourself. Your baby will wear quality clothing, original and with humorous text. Every time you look at it, you'll smile. Baby clothing with a print is great.
Free Shipping

We provide our loyal customers with benefits. You can also get free shipping on baby clothes that you buy with us. Just pay the ordered goods in advance.

Lasts playfully everyday use

Stairs Pilsen will not disappoint you. It will certainly create a model for you, which can withstand the daily use of your large household, where there are always a large number of people. All of them will eventually fall in love with the new model after some time. Everything will not only be beautiful, but especially here you will have a feeling of security at every step, which is simply unpayable. Strict safety criteria can also meet the attractive appearance.
What model, this original
Pilse stairs try to be original in every situation. That is why you will try to fulfill everything you see in your eyes. Because you like modern design and you want to have a real original at home, you are sure to choose well. In this case, you definitely cannot have the same model as your co-worker. The original element will make your interior much more guaranteed.

Modern Coat Company

Want to better manage your business conditions? Do you have secured accounting so that everything is OK? Are you submitting tax returns, deadlines and bank orders in time? Are your employees well prepared for payouts? If you hesitate to answer most questions, it's time to do something about it. Your company seems to need modernization and better working with accounting. For everything new and professional, you have the opportunity to use external services, i.e. the Prague Payroll outsourcing and the whole accounting. Immediately all the shortcomings disappear, and you will not be faced with trivial problems.
It's worth a change
Deciding to be a Prague payroll outsourcing is not a simple matter and many of you will surely think about whether it is safe due to information leakage and also less costly. Professional external companies work completely discreetly and give you access to your bookkeeping. Processing does not always take place outside your company's premises. After agreement, the team will work directly in your office. The costs are definitely lower than the accounting officer, as an employee.

A pool or a masseur?

If you do not know what it is, then read on and we will dedicate you a little more detail. Does it actually offer us the hot tubs of Ostrava, but also Prague? And what does it really look like and what does it all do? Imagine just such a large luxury bath and in it the sea beautifully warm water. And the water just doesn't dress your body and it won't heat your sore spine. The water will make the spine (and not just the same one) even more, cut, relax, relaxes. That's it, huh?
Swimming pool or bathtub?
Depending on the design of the various models, it is sometimes more of a large tub, other than smaller pools. You can buy models for two people, but also a large version, designed for example for eight blissfully in the water of the teahouses and relaxing persons. It really depends on your needs and the willingness you are able to invest in your health.

Modern upholstered furniture available

We can notify all those interested in upholstered furniture that we have it at our disposal. You can get the best goods in the area of upholstered furniture on the Czech market. Our sofa is available in various designs and colours. There is leather, upholstered but also corner, with storage space or folding. It's up to you what you prefer.
We also offer stylish upholstered furniture
Most often, we meet in living rooms. However, they are also suitable for some offices. They are convenient and practical, while negotiating in your offices you may also have hours. If you decide to buy them, do not hesitate and let us choose from our offer. Our specialists will certainly be happy to help you with your choice.