Nothing better in the summer period

Who would have tasted ice cream? There is perhaps no man in the world who refuses to subsected the incredibly perfect combination of cream or cottage cheese, chocolate, fruit or nuts… The ice cream is simply not enough to come up with, it is never a lot. Thank God that ice cream companies offer so many species. So there's no danger of anyone choosing, or that the ice cream would even be frostbite.
Ice creams love both adults and children; Both men and women-in short, everyone! On purpose, can you imagine a better and more tasty refreshment than ice cream in such a bad weather? We don't!
Ice Mňamka
Who could resist the new flavors that the ice cream company brings to the market every year, both in the world and in the Czech Republic? We're not. Don't be shy and taste too.

Interesting living walls and sets

Tired of riding around the shops and looking for individual parts of furniture and accessories to your living room or other bedroom? Then simply forget about it and see the menu of living walls and sets, where you will find everything together and matched.
Why bother with the fact that you do not know which piece of furniture fits to what and where to save as much money. You still have to measure every inch to make sure you get the box or not. Forget about this and indulge yourself in a cheap but quality way of arranging your living room with living walls and sets.
A simple furniture device to your living room will surprise you with a wide range of living walls and sets.

Originality does not impose limits


n our offer and on our website you will find a catalogue of corporate and promotional clothing, work clothing, leisure and sport clothing, as well as a children's assortment. The assortment is also suitable for. We manufacture, distribute and operate wholesale clothing. Everything is at bargain prices and at the same time good quality. We are constantly expanding our offer.

Nowadays, the demands on the quality and appearance of advertising, corporate and work clothes are constantly increasing. Clients are increasingly demanding on textile printing. We have expanded our offer a lot in 2006, namely the excellent products of the brand Roly. We now have a choice of colours and colour combinations, types of garments.
Renewed assortment

Our offer is enriched with work or sports clothes and clothes suitable for children. The clothing we sell is suitable for embroidery and textile printing.

Accommodation Mountains

Going to the mountains? Then for you we have the perfect tip for a great holiday, it will be perfect for the whole holiday or just for a prolonged weekend in the mountains. Go ahead and finally get rid of all the worries, choose yours so that you can spend pleasant moments in the green heart of Europe. Our offered will be the best you can find.

We offer you the best of accommodation in Hory. Feel free to choose your own. We offer you, which everyone chooses, is ideal for a holiday, which you can spend with your friends or with the whole family.
Turn Around

Go on holiday and choose our mountain accommodation for this occasion.

The choice is yours

Did you get the task of buying new conference chairs in your conference room? Do you know where to turn to it so that it does not make you unnecessarily much effort and time? In this case, you can contact our company, which can help you to ensure this assortment of goods.

Visit our website and choose from an option of up to 120 kinds of chairs at very reasonable prices. You can choose a conference chair with wooden or upholstered seats, armrests and armrests, in several types of upholstery fabrics, with painted and chromium-plated legs.

The choice is yours

Choose the kind of conference chairs you need with us, and we will bring them free of charge to the address where you specify and provide a seven-year guarantee on our goods. Now you have no problem.

1001 Game play including logical

How about playing a little jump
You're bored at home and don't know what to do? No one has time for you? Instead of being bored, try to play our great 1001 Games. There's a wide selection of entertainment for everyone.
Have you tried any of our logic games
Come to our site and experience a lot of fun with us on farm Our games are updated regularly, so that you have a choice of the best webgames online. Play free 1001 games that will entertain you. You can search for games by popularity, by rating, or by game time.
Don't be
Come play with us for 1000 games. We offer shoehorn, game for two, jumping, racing, Czech games, animation and many more. Games for everyone, this is our website, you will find here really thousands of games, and you can quietly play the whole family.

Shelving Racks

How to arrange enough space in a small apartment? You must have a place to store things from dishes and pots to toys of small children… But how do you buy it to be sufficient? Maybe it's just shelving shelves that will help you succeed.
Just try to imagine if you had a little more room in the kitchen. You don't have to put everything in the cabinets that are in the kitchen, but you'd have shelving racks that would save space. Not only does it make work easier, it also surprises you with its wearability and skill.
Types and types of racks
No matter what shelves or racks you buy in your kitchen, it depends on your satisfaction. It depends mainly on the fact that they will effectively manage the space and for you it will be easier to organize all things in the shelves and beyond. Buy shelving racks.

Office and Home

Looking for comfortable office chairs from proven manufacturers and reliable suppliers? Then you are at the right address. Look at us and you will surely find the right one for you and your office or workshop.

Our office chairs are available not only affordable but also distributed, because the vast majority of our products are shipped almost immediately and in addition, all you get without unnecessary charges for postage and packing.
Everything for your workshop or office under one roof

If your attention has not escaped our office chairs, you will surely love catalogs that offer other equally important equipment for your workshop or office. From cabinets to desks to shelves and chairs. Everything under one roof, you can find everything in our country and at affordable prices.

A pool or a masseur?

If you do not know what it is, then read on and we will dedicate you a little more detail. Does it actually offer us the hot tubs of Ostrava, but also Prague? And what does it really look like and what does it all do? Imagine just such a large luxury bath and in it the sea beautifully warm water. And the water just doesn't dress your body and it won't heat your sore spine. The water will make the spine (and not just the same one) even more, cut, relax, relaxes. That's it, huh?
Swimming pool or bathtub?
Depending on the design of the various models, it is sometimes more of a large tub, other than smaller pools. You can buy models for two people, but also a large version, designed for example for eight blissfully in the water of the teahouses and relaxing persons. It really depends on your needs and the willingness you are able to invest in your health.

Modern upholstered furniture available

We can notify all those interested in upholstered furniture that we have it at our disposal. You can get the best goods in the area of upholstered furniture on the Czech market. Our sofa is available in various designs and colours. There is leather, upholstered but also corner, with storage space or folding. It's up to you what you prefer.
We also offer stylish upholstered furniture
Most often, we meet in living rooms. However, they are also suitable for some offices. They are convenient and practical, while negotiating in your offices you may also have hours. If you decide to buy them, do not hesitate and let us choose from our offer. Our specialists will certainly be happy to help you with your choice.